Monday, August 1, 2011

O' Mon Dieu! L'Oeuf!

I had to work this Saturday and so got up before my birds did (this is not recommended). Before I sped away in the civic to go to work, I checked the birds had food and water as the days would be another hot one. When I returned later in the day, I was greeted with warm birds that looked thoroughly put out by the fact that they aren't free from the bondage of the coop. They're dramatic that way. I threw open the door and they darted out of the coop as if it were on fire, Rosamond leading the way (more on her later). They spent the day foraging and chasing grasshoppers and were really enjoying themselves but soon night was falling again. Before I put them to bed, I looked into the run to gather their water dish and feeder that they trashed (chickens act out like children if cooped up for too long). To my surprise, looking down into the run, was this small brown and speckled egg. It was nestled among some stones and I figured it would be for sure broken, but no, it was a small and near perfect first egg. The maker of it is unknown but I suspect Rosamond.